Complex Ending



Complex Ending 

how much more shall I?
I, bleed into the pores of
your callus stare? [I]
wander through the vestibules,
of your detestable glare;
yes, you (you) are not even here
vapors of narcosis,
induced by; my own longings
{wants} that have no repercussions –
in between worlds, of relative(ity)
and fantasy,
me, (me) why; I am not seduced by drugs
if only it were the case,
unfortunately, I must see reality –
lingering, lost, love;
[no return]
your blistering gleam,
nothing more than,
a paradox of a dream
I; all but an enigma
holding on; to the bleeding seam –
you could have given me a proper,
vale dicere

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3 Responses to Complex Ending

  1. words4jp says:

    Wowzers – I like this. I can see this – when I look in the mirror.

  2. Featured Art, Walking Away: Artist Samuel Durkin

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