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Reiteration glass slipper; left shards, slivered through, wrinkles of her dainty foot, suctioned to the heel, squish, squish splatter, splatter droplets coat broken stairs – moon shine, liquid ether, swallowed a fragile bod, hobbled to her destination, shaky fingers reached … Continue reading

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Ignite Sparks See me? Friction rising Glowing colors Melting out Exposed – Scorched self Kindling waiting Search my light Combustion searing – Cloistered Secret self Chasing a safe place – To burn Let me set fire…

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Watchful Owl

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Watchful Owl Between the dusk and dawn the silence stirred in trees Wind rushed by a swoosh sound made Nothing could I see Walking under the midnight lake Moon cloud cloaking my bones Shadows whisking in…

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Aporetic {maze of one’s own mind} group pulls strings; settle in, dwell on mediocre dreams suffocate enthralled eyes, dimmed in simplistic tales numb, numb the mind  they stroke vulnerable faces, [blushing cheeks flush with heat] gathering tools – weak little … Continue reading

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Reminiscing When the world, eats holes through my soul, I look to the Sky, for reminiscence of Home ~~~ Hello Everyone! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and the new year is starting out fabulous for you! I … Continue reading

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Ink Fades

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Ink Fades I sank my breath into your heart, writing into your core, I chiseled my words into your cells, they spilled out of your pores. I dug my eyes into your lids, you close them…

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