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Winter’s Solace

Winter’s Solace the winding roads of Summer’s paths lead down wavery collapse, long do eyes search for comfort from the blares of Summer’s peering sparks, a shivering warmth, a covering from Winter’s breath would sooth the stretched out days, if only, a frosty … Continue reading

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Art of Remnants

Art of  Remnants art? poetic rhythm, blues, jazz, predictable yearning, longing, lust Muse?contemptible lost lover, a sea of flee, lonely teardrop on a concrete slab, waiting for a moment of reprieve, breathing through a sculptured heart; lyrical dance? barefoot serenade … Continue reading

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Eyes Hold Universes

Eyes Hold Universes stained eyes with crimson glow, longing journey, left unknown, midnight passing – vapored, obscure lingering time tucked between a Star, and Universes unseen, I speak; you spoke, we dwell in now, focused on the past, lost in … Continue reading

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Complex Ending

Originally posted on MindRetrofit7:
Complex Ending  how much more shall I? I, bleed into the pores of your callus stare? [I] wander through the vestibules, of your detestable glare; yes, you (you) are not even here vapors of narcosis, induced…

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Originally posted on MindRetrofit7:
Abscond  you hold me like a shadow; vapor between your nails, stuck as ashes upon your prints – quietly, I disappear

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Delusional Day Dream

delectable fragrance blooms, delicate petals glide, dainty lips linger their prisms down goose bump drenched flesh, delicious tastebuds roll over delightful creases — dancing into devouring thoughts, distantly musing; dangling tangling prose — dangerously hidden away, delirious labyrinths unfurl, whirling ecstasy; daubs luring … Continue reading

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We Hide Here

  Today I felt like drawing with sharpies this is what came out. It is actually a visual of a poem that I have yet to grab words for. I captured my colorful expression with the start of a few … Continue reading

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I Am Still Here!

Hello Everyone! It has been a while since I have been able to share any of my poems or venture to visit your blogs. The last few months have been practically nonstop full of activities, new adventures, daily life etc … Continue reading

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