Much Appreciated Awards!

This is my awards page. I am not good at spreading the love of awards as my fellow bloggers. I never know what to write and I always have such a hard time choosing blogs to share.

There are so many wonderful blogs – I confess, I feel bad when I forget someone or I have left someone out, it can be too much for me. However, I am ALWAYS thankful to receive awards from others and encourage those who give awards to leave your blog link so others may see your wonderful work too!

Thank you for sharing my blog!

Here are the great blogs and awards they shared with me.

Blog of the Year Award 2 star jpeg

Rendezvous With Renee

Jade from Inspire My Life gave me another one of these fabulous awards. 🙂




An empty space….



one lovely

Writing Glimmers 



once4always  (This award is slightly different in color, see. :-))


Woot! Another awesome award from The Noise of Silence Poetry by David Eric Cummins!

A shout out to his other writings too, I have enjoyed his stories as well as his poetry.

Higher Hell (look in the categories section to see his others.)

meiro  gave me this award, spectacular pieces on her site.

Blog of the Year Award banner 600

Luggage Lady gave me some more awards! She has some wonderful thought provoking words every time I read her blog.
I filled up my stars for BOTY 2012. 🙂



Blog It of Lose It!  (AMAZING poetry, I love reading Jen’s words daily.)


8 Responses to Much Appreciated Awards!

  1. David Eric Cummins says:

    I have nominated you for the “I Love Your Blog” award.

  2. dragongirl10 says:

    i Love Your Blog”too

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  4. Ajaytao2010 says:

    I Nominate for the WordPress Family Award
    please accept it and oblige

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