Isolation of a Chameleon


The Road to Somewhere  Artist Julie Dant The Road to Somewhere
Artist Julie Dant

Isolation of a Chameleon

they call me Dexter,
sometimes I go by Dex;
I don’t much like that,
what’s in a name?

my name changes,
everytime I go down a gravel road,
or run into an auburn haired beauty
with smooth, milky-white skin
sprinkled in superb freckles,
that smirk and giggle back at me –
that’s when I go by Fitzgerald

in my impressiveness,
I hit the stop sign with my right hand;
then, tap it with my left,
a beat, bum, tap, drum
up against the vibrating post
absorbing the smells from the North
and the South –
bidding my fair lady a good-bye

nice to know you
I’ve got other things to do
you can call me Fitz
as my trail of smoldering smoke,
seeps into her psyche –
it’s too late she already,
loves me
clinging to my toe…

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3 Responses to Isolation of a Chameleon

  1. i remember this one too..and was thinking Deja first..and i think in the past we talked about that TV show..or perhaps it was the one about Mad Men..and i still am curious about it.. but i haven’t gone to the trouble to purchase a Blu i don’t think the show comes on anymore..

    But long as my Father told me back in the late 70’s stories of him guarding Ted Bundy.. i am fascinated by psychopaths as a life long interest..and i think i remember you telling me similar..

    But yes..human beings are my special interest overall.. but i want to connect emotionally and never wanna be cold again..

    like Dex…:)without the crime of course… before with no REAL HUMAN feelings….to speak of anyway..:) YES..A VERY COLD AND sad place to be.. so yes.. i even have sorrow for the innate plight of the psychopath who doesn’t commit it has to be a sad lot of life..for them….without pro-social i live for that before..and definitely now..that i lose it for 5 long years of over a year ago..THANK GOD..STAYING STRONG as human being true..:)

    • Hi katiemiafrederick! I apologize for not responding I have not been on here much at all. Home life has me quite busy and unable to keep up with my online presence. I have been interested in the inner working of sociopaths (though I did not know what they were called) for much of my life. We share several special interests, human beings a one indeed! I am so happy that you are still feeling and staying strong, I too am staying strong with new directions and purposes in this season, but all is well with my soul. 😀

      • Hi AMR.. no problem.. if i had not fallen ill.. I probably would still have no online footprint.. as work and REAL life can be so demanding.. not even taking all the responsibilities of raising children in the total equation of life…

        i think it’s great that you are staying strong with new directions and purposes in real life.. and all is well with your soul…

        From what you have shared about your children.. they seem so sweet.. and if i had sweet children like that.. i would probably dedicate all of my life to them.. like my mother did for my sister and i.. as i’m sure you do the same as a great mother too..

        Happy rest of the fall.. and i see that you wrote something new.. so i’ll probably say a few words there and see ya next time…

        Best hopes and wishes for you and your family!..with smiles..2:):)

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