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Tales Swallowed Away

Tales Swallowed Away it would seem great stories, linger at the bottom of a wine glass, the characters may change; some days, distorted memories puddle together, persisting in their bittersweet backwash, echoing ripples of time, and lost hours in a … Continue reading

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Speed Of Light

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Speed Of Light Speeding through energy -Zap! My whimsical matter spreading force – Burst! Flowing information rippling waves – Whoosh! Traveling the universe all of my days. Propagating glimmers through transparency – Exposed! My massless soul…

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Wistful Light, broke a frigid veil, luminosity rose celestial quakings, distance seemed too close — Darkness, spun awake slumbering dreams, Fall perked up its lips, piercing green leaves with charming winds, while red ones sailed into the sky, Sun and … Continue reading

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Isolation of a Chameleon

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The Road to SomewhereArtist Julie Dant Isolation of a Chameleon they call me Dexter, sometimes I go by Dex; I don’t much like that, what’s in a name? my name changes, everytime I go down a…

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Stoic edge of her heart left, a smidgen on the base of your finger print, she slipped through your fingers, once in a glimpse, a shade, her smile gleams, curving lips imprinted, saturating a small space of memory, beauty of … Continue reading

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Entrails of the Exposed

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Entrails of the Exposed  trepidatious thoughts, eats away – residue on the lining of my skull, i am afraid full of shame peeling away molten skin revealing what lies within terrified of, what? when? innards scald…

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Riled Metamorphosis

Riled Metamorphosis  emergence of yellow rose among, glimmers of darkness faltering into a fade, echoes passed through this place – to there, remembrance casting a shade, unforgotten gray-filled ears, vibrations zinged ripples through veins, love, and its beauty remained – … Continue reading

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Morrissey, Me, Cicadas Make Three

Morrissey, Me, Cicadas Make Three blue plastic lawn chair, wobbly, flimsy, a cradle of niceness, when all the world is crumbling behind me, this fancy chair of mine holds me close, sun glazes my face in kisses, tender breezes whisk across my … Continue reading

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contentment all; then, lost – found a likes of puzzlement, squished, smashed, into place, very fitting. some place between noon and the stars, a collide of sorts, the collapse of everything and nothing. gathered, collected, decades fade into seconds, cleansed … Continue reading

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Albatross(Anxious Swells)

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Albatross(Anxious Swells)  what have I forgotten? soaring sails, and rippling entrails, seep across my closed eyes, in the stillness of my laughter, I coaxed a pain of unimaginable things set to wander upon thoughts; that hold…

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