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Invisible Parts

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Invisible Parts Shadows arise within Glimpses of me appear Were not allowed to speak Self protection Afraid the parts would be rejected Lost my collections somewhere Invisible parts–mementos Me, I could not share Raising from deep…

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Mirror of Humanity

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Mirror of Humanity  Articulate anger at me I can take it – Cannot take all the blame The only problem; Confused dear. Confessions of a liar My shell of a being Created for protection Never a…

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Release of Butterfly Tales

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Release of Butterfly Tales Breathe into you Whisper into you Breathless at the thought of you Quake of earth’s crust could not separate Ocean floods could never consume Eyes forever wet from tears that pour Air…

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Repeat Eye glance, caught gaze, Wonderment, dare we stare? Laughing spectacles, infatuated and blind. Summer melted to winter, time spun to dreams unfold. Thunderstorms pounded, wrestling above to stop this frolic. Never spoken, soft tears, Secrets…

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Interference Pattern

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Interference Pattern Let all like parts coincide, flooding ripples, pulled to collide. Actions seemed coherent, frequency nearly the same, perchance similar source? Waves cannot hide, there are no boundaries, quaver goes where it will. It seems…

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Of The Past

Of The Past of the past, the past – it haunts and weasels, straight into a heart – fleshy and rebirthed refurbished, rendered new … oh! that past, it withers fresh air, drains lungs into despair – nibbling and gnawing, coating in … Continue reading

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  Good-Bye kiss me into a desert, idly shriveling, bones soak into sand

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Memories Fading

Memories Fading silhouette, those tiny hands, fingerprints, falling shades slipping along the moon’s dust – that Moon, the one you claimed we shared; ramblings packed under layers, lists of promises scattered in strings, you’ll never be alone – empty vows, unattainable … Continue reading

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