The Images I Use

I am a visual person – I try to use my words to describe what goes on through my mind. My emotions, my expressions, my thoughts are all fantastic movies rolling around and swimming with letters, numbers, colors, and tunes bouncing about.

I am unable to create these images myself so I find artists or wallpaper images trying to give a feel of the dynamics prancing around in my head. Often times, I am on a path of emotional discovery and the pieces of art, through whatever means, inspires me and helps me to pull words from my mind to my fingers.

I link to all of the artists, or if unable to locate them, at least the source in which I found the image. I encourage you to click on the images and discover the amazing works and lives of the fabulous creators. I enjoy sharing their beauty and absorbing their talents – I hope you do as well.



7 Responses to The Images I Use

  1. jussaraluna says:

    I Love your blog :))
    I am a visual person also.
    Happy 2013, Angel~~ Jussara

  2. dragongirl10 says:

    Happy 2013,too Angel

  3. Ajaytao2010 says:

    I love your poems but I am not a poet still I look inot the dictionary to know the meaning of some words and I find like shackled your word are beautiful when I look in the dictionary and understand the meaning I feel ecstatic. Your work is absolutely literary, I love it

    oh and about your images they depict what you think perfectly,

    Thank for the surprise

    I am honored to have found you

    • Thank you so much Ajaytao2010! I have a special interest with words. They are one of my hobbies, for fun I read the dictionary! There are still SO many to learn! Ha ha ha I am so glad that you have enjoyed reading through my poems! I hope I can continue to surprise you. 🙂

  4. Hey thank you for this amazing resource! I
    might put a link to this from my blog.

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