Speed Of Light

A poem that I wrote in Feb. 2012 … I could edit it, but I would rather not. It is good to be reminded where we once were for awhile before changing it to our present. Maybe I will edit it another day, but for today I delight in this past. πŸ™‚


Speed Of Light

Speeding through energy -Zap!
My whimsical matter spreading force – Burst!
Flowing information rippling waves – Whoosh!
Traveling the universe all of my days.

Propagating glimmers through transparency – Exposed!
My massless soul not contained – Soar!
Light years of existence spawn for eternity – Explode!
Tap dancing clicks fill the vacuum.

Swimming in the vast sea,
waving at my ancestors.
Leaping across the galaxy’s carnivals.
Rolling over the dwarf stars,
giggles from the wiggling flares.
Eyes full of pleasure.

Sucked into the vortex of luminosity.
Time and space escaped me,
but time and space is all that exist.
Brilliance of thunder rolls from my feet.
Silence of golden blasts,
too fast to feel it whirl through me.

Captured in the swell of slow and brisk.
Tickling my fingers past myself,
time dilation.
Speed of light take me away,
in rapid folds of glitter.

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About mindretrofit8

Sharing the twistings, and musings that twirl in my mind. Hoping others can relate, or at least enjoy... To know more about me personally you can visit my website at Mind Retrofit.
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5 Responses to Speed Of Light

  1. Personally i like it the way it is.. and i too enjoy visiting the way my mind worked in the past.. through words of the past.. now that i finally have them over the last 4 years or so..on Internet sites…:)

    And this reminds me that we are all much smaller microcosm Universes of the Big ONE out tHere and in here.. above so below.. we do know..nOW…

    And now that i can spiral my arms and legs with torso..hips.. and finger/toe tips..

    I at least feel like a spiraling galaxy balance in gravity wherever i go…

    And all the trillions of neuron connections in my brain.. and trillions and trillions of atoms throughout my body.. along with all the molecular body systems.. make a microcosm-like being of Universe inside of me.. as well..:)

    So with good conscious control of the seat of my being.. or soul…

    Perhaps that is evidence enough that GOD exists.. on the macrocosm level as a type of navigator ALL knowing consciousness as compared to the small view i see for all that is.. aka GOD2..;)

    But truly the feelings and emotions you word here.. are reminiscent of what i do feel now.. when i do dance freely in 360 degrees.. like a spiraling galaxy in action of gravity balance working with GOD and gravity instead of against IT.. as such..:)

  2. Happy new year and best wishes to you and yours for health, happiness, peace & prosperity in 2015!

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