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Regeneration when stars speak, and they do; fractalized weaves pierce one’s psyche, dust lost to those long gone, swell through silenced eyes, sensational vibrations beat; they do, beat into the slowest pumping of hearts, a tinge of ripples beneath the … Continue reading

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Keeping Up Appearances

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Keeping Up Appearances  glass eyes shattering moonlight glow upon this case withered a shallow stem drained of refreshment – I am parched green leaves curl soaking the sun yet, my flowers do bloom image of flourishing,…

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Impenetrable s i n k deep penetrate deteriorate leaking dribble, severing straight; into a cavern of scorn black-and-white smiles rage, against gray matter neurons wrestle – pull up lost thoughts, retitle tall-tale exploitations rename those nouns! verbs,…

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Rainbow Tears

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Rainbow Tears Rippling warm liquid Watery fluid rolls Streaks glisten sunlight’s glare Trickling globular shapes Slowly, slowly spherical waterfalls Dripping with no known cause Eyes full of blur Heart looking down Lungs spew out sobs Continual…

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Solidify  still words, left empty – silence brewed images, neither true, nor false words still; left empty – coagulating fearful vapors, nor false, never true fallacies crushed to dust, words in silence, birthing Love from trepidation, static words; full – overflowing in … Continue reading

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purposely enigmatic

purposely enigmatic i like the sloppy kiss of the Moon,  upon my white teeth,  they sparkle reflections of dirty snow at night,  and by day they gleam with no apparent shadows,  though they hide disingenuous twinkles, the mind’s eye clings tightly, … Continue reading

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Questioning The Intertwined

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Questioning The Intertwined Drifting far away, Traveling longevity, Space shifting, Quarks feel shaken, Particles uneasy vibration. Are you away from home? My balance tossed in the ether, No clarity of mind, Blank thoughts, Resolution of silence.…

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