Stopped Counting The Days

Credit: Thiago Ize & Chris Johnson (Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute)

Credit: Thiago Ize & Chris Johnson (Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute)

Stopped Counting The Days

moonstruck; melancholic digress
i found myself counting stars –
upon my forehead,
they whispered tunes of tear-shaped
the sweat that ached from my brows,
each day; i counted –
you had not come

sun-awed; melancholic digress
i found myself worshiping the days –
weaved into my heart,
the times you were here everyday
colossal wants; dismantled a number 2
back to number 1 –
a wafting scent;
the memories filled a hollowed out shape,
now paper machete

star-struck; melancholic digress
i searched myself to unravel the aromatic scenes –
of you and i; the earth and sky
the sun and moon kissing in a silhouettic moonbow
my chest wide open –
a gaping gorge {gouge} of lost numbers,
missing days of counting the when’s,
the where’s, the why’s, the sooner or later’s
you barely had for me –

i stopped counting the days,
or holding onto meloncholy drizzles;
it tore too many layers,
of my fabricated paper machete
it took too much to glue myself back together –
every time i waited on the soon;
wishing for the number two (2)
and my galaxy to spread out its spiraling arms,
the embrace never meant for me [to be]


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9 Responses to Stopped Counting The Days

  1. I hope you’re okay Hugs xo

  2. Heartbreaking and I’ve felt that way too, unfortunately. Don’t know you as we just started reading each others stuff, but here’s another hug as well {{{Hugs}}}

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