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Impact kissing rain – {scarred mouth} center of a tornado, catastrophically penetrated reminders of the first time our lips; touched

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familiarity i spoke of you as home, home, a house of pain, all i knew of love, an abode familiar in every way, silent, distant, cold, origins of affections – a dwelling full of dread; tears of angst, leaving its … Continue reading

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Healing Waters

Healing Waters  i dither into one breath that strokes through waving waters, unlocked gasp — treading frozen tides feet hovering between life, and escape; vanish to an unknown state — gathered whirlpools, spiraling down unknown paths, diluted ties shrivel — … Continue reading

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Silently Drowning

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Silently Drowning  if I lose my words, realize the frailty of me; will you stand right there? ~ when I lose my words, accepting this fragile mold, with boldness and fears; ~ can I look to you? collapsing…

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Dance Partners

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Dance Partners They bounce and flicker, breathe in and out. ~ Wind can’t slow them from prancing their light. ~ Unstoppable forces with gust of flame. ~ Shimmering softly to and fro. ~ Glimmering, gleaming radiant…

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You And I

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You And I And I share my breath, within the breeze have you forgotten me? travels far and near we are so close I taste your eyes – upon my tongue you are the color, my…

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Lovers by E. Thor Carlson Brume brumous apparition dwindling across my faze quizzical lover of no consequence interrupt me in mist silken me in nightly pass enter upon my dream phase lock into vapors twist quintessential…

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Winter’s Solace

Winter’s Solace the winding roads of Summer’s paths lead down wavery collapse, long do eyes search for comfort from the blares of Summer’s peering sparks, a shivering warmth, a covering from Winter’s breath would sooth the stretched out days, if only, a frosty … Continue reading

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Art of Remnants

Art of  Remnants art? poetic rhythm, blues, jazz, predictable yearning, longing, lust Muse?contemptible lost lover, a sea of flee, lonely teardrop on a concrete slab, waiting for a moment of reprieve, breathing through a sculptured heart; lyrical dance? barefoot serenade … Continue reading

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Eyes Hold Universes

Eyes Hold Universes stained eyes with crimson glow, longing journey, left unknown, midnight passing – vapored, obscure lingering time tucked between a Star, and Universes unseen, I speak; you spoke, we dwell in now, focused on the past, lost in … Continue reading

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