Entrails of the Exposed



Entrails of the Exposed 

trepidatious thoughts,
eats away –
residue on the lining of my skull,

i am afraid

full of shame
peeling away
molten skin
revealing what lies within
terrified of, what?


innards scald from bubbling pains
aches wave through;
telling you of my darkest days
exposed and blamed
fear sieges my veins –


do i rip my flesh wide open;
for all to see?
silence soaks my banging ears
does anyone, at least one –


of these things,
sink into rocking flames
cowering; isolated dreams
quaking a voice for ALL to hear –

no one there?

echoes pounding within this bod
grief creeps and crawls,
swaying back and forth,
eyes melting, reflection – mirror

is my nakedness in vain?

ask the skeleton staring back at me;
hopeful flicker encouraging –
if only for one,
for On
shouts from pages,
reveal the longing to know…

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Sharing the twistings, and musings that twirl in my mind. Hoping others can relate, or at least enjoy... To know more about me personally you can visit my website at Mind Retrofit.
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4 Responses to Entrails of the Exposed

  1. i like this one and i do remember it from a year ago..as it does remind me of the dark night of the soul…

    Sometimes it last for moments..sometimes it lasts for years..but to lose a soul is truly to be erased from existence i know now…

    i felt the bone dust existence..and yes that’s all it was is bone dust existence..but apparently it is very flammable as light ignites my bones too..

    Yes..i think there’s a Cold Play song that says the same words too!

    Well..i know you love the cosmos and more and more i think about as above so below..and at core it is so fascinating that we are the same nucleus and electrons orbiting the similar as planets around our Sun..and Sun orbiting a Black Hole Sun too….

    Hmm..i know you have issues with dizzy..but i wish you could spin around and around as i do now..as i too used to get dizzy just with raising my arms above my head…

    In my opinion when we are balanced enough to spin without gravity bringing us down..we truly do become planets orbiting Sun..or Sun orbiting black hole Sun…and this is part of where the bone dust is ignited into eternal fire of Sacred unconditional Love..where every second of eternity now..is truly a haven of heaven now…

    But no..alas you do not have to spin..you can just balance in whatever way works for you..to be a planet in favor of Sun..:)close but not too close.. of course..:)to keep the ignition running hot!but not! burnt out!

    • I enjoyed this comment very much. I wish I could spin, but I do spin in jollity on some days. I am reclaiming my yellow which, represents 2 and 10 to me as well as the sun and happy so possibly some orbiting action is at play. 🙂 Funny you mention the sun, Cold Play, and Black Hole Sun because the sun has been “burning” in my thoughts and part of reclaiming yellow is being able to listen to Cold Play’s song “Yellow” without it breaking my heart, and Black Hole Sun I just listened to on the radio the other morning. Orbital bliss!

      I have been having a hard time lately, falling into the seasonal blues. However, I do believe it has to do with all of my routines being out of whack, not getting any breaks for quiet to help bring peace to my mind, and I have been so busy that I haven’t had time to write. That always makes life a bit challenging for me. I am hopeful, and embracing the sun without getting singed. Hee hee

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