Albatross(Anxious Swells)



Albatross(Anxious Swells) 

what have I forgotten?
soaring sails, and rippling entrails,
seep across my closed eyes,
in the stillness of my laughter,
I coaxed a pain of unimaginable things

set to wander upon thoughts;
that hold my heart captive
race into happy dances;
of my neurological musings –
my mind…

wondering into playing fields,
they trample hidden attacks
formed within this brain –
sneaking phantom whispers;
of past aches[raging future pangs]

quandaries playing karmic-type worlds,
digging(dug) similar dreams –
unspoken, utterly exposed,
standing still,
same exact place –
what have I forgotten?

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About mindretrofit8

Sharing the twistings, and musings that twirl in my mind. Hoping others can relate, or at least enjoy... To know more about me personally you can visit my website at Mind Retrofit.
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1 Response to Albatross(Anxious Swells)

  1. This seems to me to be powerful words that describe what can truly be the Albatross of human generalized anxiety..never a source that one can quite grasp..but always a source that limits the laugh of life for long..and in some cases completely extinguishes both laugh and smile out of life…

    Been there done it..attending military psychiatrist..dealing with hundreds of military PTSD clients..identifies me as his worst case yet…

    Hmm..hard to fact almost impossible for people to believe..that see me dancing and doing martial arts front of hundreds.. at times solo..and delivering speeches in front of funeral audience and such as that..

    But even more impossible and evidence of some kind of miracle…

    for people who knew me then..

    i guess what i wanna say’s possible to get rid of all of it..

    But for me.

    it truly is a miracle..and nah..i don’t have the instructions to get there…

    hope..:)and the power of..

    i believe as social animals..the source of most anxiety is that of being unaccepted
    in all the flavors that comes human life..and yeah definitely been there and
    done the extreme of that too..particularly in middle school life..when some humans become
    incredibly mean..when puberty efforts to literally destroy the perceived weak
    fish in the aquarium…

    Sometimes after several decades of living with the pain..hidden longer surfacing it still dwells and pokes its way the surface of core of human fear of not being good enough to exist among fellow ones..who seem to thrive so easy…

    Sooner or later the love for one’s i of me..can replace the I of I of i of LOVE..and conquer all fear..forevermore..

    But again..i don’t have many instructions..

    Miracles are hard to put into words..but i’ll keep trying..:)as i hate to see folks cry without tears..:(…..with only fears…..!

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