clawing, cackling, clinking sounds,
grinding down the closed off realms,
I heard the tapping, trappings, and more,
hiding within that damning door,
scratching, howling, hissing too,
afraid to look – lurking under my shoe(s)!
my clothes covered those cowering things,
that ratted and tatted and shredded my being!

I sat shaking, on the edge of my bed,
battling those things that pounded my head,
they rattled and tattled and coaxed out fear,
they blamed, accused, mutilated, and seared,
watching silently; while they lurched for my frame,
trying to grab me – those boney; trepidatious THINGS!
engulfed, consumed, filled with lies,
the tears they fell, I was unsure why,
my own salt scalded my flesh – it burned!
churning and boiling; my sin? I sat spurned.
I listened, as the voices swallowed my heartbeat –
sucked in unison , they were too much to defeat

the creaking, wrenching, quivering door,

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  1. So powerful. You are an amazing writer.

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