{maze of one’s own mind}
group pulls strings;
settle in, dwell on mediocre dreams
suffocate enthralled eyes,
dimmed in simplistic tales

numb, numb the mindย 
they stroke vulnerable faces,
[blushing cheeks flush with heat]
gathering tools
weak little kittens

(hypothesized – crafty neurotransmitters)

twirling oxytocin,
binding ethnocentrism;
in fashion of Peace and Love –
of Right and Wrong
[them vs. us]
happy tiny ants

~claiming individuality~

immune, lost souls
flail about –
their hearts scooped out like ice cream,
eaten in spoonfuls,
by emphatic do-gooders –
lacking an ounce of empathy

{vigorously pounding!
the conditions (upon the lonely,)
of unconditional Love –
yet, we only speak of love, acceptance,
and belonging of our own free will …
isn’t this true?}

rhetorically speaking,
who is in control of the gears,
and mazes?


About mindretrofit8

Sharing the twistings, and musings that twirl in my mind. Hoping others can relate, or at least enjoy... To know more about me personally you can visit my website at Mind Retrofit.
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25 Responses to Aporetic

  1. Great job ๐Ÿ™‚
    It touched me.

  2. claudia says:

    would be interesting to know what was first, the verse or picture… i like the images you use to make your point…the conditions of unconditional love… ha… thought provoking stuff and good question there in the close

    • Hi Claudia! The words came first and I spent quite a while trying to capture the right image. When I found it I edited the poem a little because the image gave me the words that the poem was missing. These thoughts I have no answers for … only more questions …

  3. Morgan says:

    Captivating and Perplexing all at the same time. a marvelous portrayal of and with words!

  4. Well that gives one a lot to chew on!

  5. Lala Rukh says:

    Beautiful poetry…truly impressive !

  6. Mary says:

    Good question… Who is in charge indeed?

  7. brian miller says:

    ha. i like your style….the single break lines…the use of brackets and parenthesis…they break up the text but in a very nice make you sit up kinda way…the ice cream scoop to the heart…yikes…ha….and def…always question.

  8. Well yikes..i hope you don’t mind if i answer the question…

    But in my opinion no…as once there was the empty vehicle and vessel for me of unconditional LOVE..

    And NOW tHEre is THE power of unconditional LOVE for ALL others..that TRULY is REAL…

    And beyond the actual impact of oxytocin..dopamine..and..or serotonin..and yes adrenaline too…

    As i never truly experienced it before…AND AM specifically aware of the specific effect and affect of each of those neurochemicals through the full journey of my life…IN MIND AND BODY.

    Except when i was 21..and when i had a child..but it was only for him…not the rest of the Universe…THEN

    i really do not completely know how i got ..tHere.. but yes i Is tHere…:)


    As far as i see..what i describe at the 6th type of love..or what some people describe as divine..unconditional love..and i think..if remember correctly there were a few other people that described it that way..2…:) Happy New Year Angel Mind Retrofit…!20!14

  9. OH..AND by the way…

    The answer to the other question as far as i see…
    IS simply who…IS
    Maybe an owl

    WHO kNows…

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