Reach for the stars


i have no friends-
yet, i have many
i am alone;
on this side of my world

would anyone know(?)
if i left(land and ventured)
to the depths unknown?

my eyes, well at loss of life;
and greatness, in hearts
who love on >>>>

our last breath – (here,
a wayfaring voice)
seared into friend’s
soul; forever remembered

sinews tied tightly
through inter(net) connections,
ethereal places
embracing invisible faces

birthing, unorthodox relations
sewing together,
soul-moving palpitations
pumping life through poetical
manifestations –

a cycle of life,
consumed in its wanderlust!
(WE) travel on,
places unknown, trembling
wondering, will anyone,
remember words left traveling
behind, by a wanderlust soul;
who ventured onto new journeys
(leaving this world behind-
saturated in the minds of faces,
hands, eyes, never seen)

legacy left in small;
pockets of earth,
mystifying creation’s dreams,
how could life(?)
leave such galactic impressions,
upon those whom we’ve never met –

though, i am friendless,
i am with multitudes of friends;
if i am not remembered,
their memory lives on in(through)words –
waiting for the universe,
to call upon another wayfaring soul,
stepping onto uncharted stairs …

and they hear!
sounds of tickling letters,
clinking together syllables –
the trails of voices who sing,


I am processing, this is a mixture of thoughts, images, and gathered words I found hidden on my desktop.


About mindretrofit8

Sharing the twistings, and musings that twirl in my mind. Hoping others can relate, or at least enjoy... To know more about me personally you can visit my website at Mind Retrofit.
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7 Responses to Contemplation

  1. annotating60 says:

    Your words stagger under the weight of the good bones you have here. I realize that this was a composition of notes found. Step back from it and try to make it the excellent poem it could be about your feelings. >KB

  2. Morgan says:

    a fabulous, melancholic beginning…

  3. Deep! and breath-taking poem.

    I can relate so much about not having friends and being in an unknown worlds.

    Greatly written.

    P.S I just posted a new blog. Please read it; its my true story about me being bullied.

    • Thank you Charlie! I read your post and commented, it was painful in many ways because I hate knowing that you went through such horrible situations. It hurts and is close to my own pain, but I am glad that we have connected on the internet world – I like knowing that I share “other”worlds on this planet with such a fabulous individual! 🙂

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