Isolation of a Chameleon

The Road to Somewhere  Artist Julie Dant

The Road to Somewhere
Artist Julie Dant

Isolation of a Chameleon

they call me Dexter,
sometimes I go by Dex;
I don’t much like that,
what’s in a name?

my name changes,
everytime I go down a gravel road,
or run into an auburn haired beauty
with smooth, milky-white skin
sprinkled in superb freckles,
that smirk and giggle back at me –
that’s when I go by Fitzgerald

in my impressiveness,
I hit the stop sign with my right hand;
then, tap it with my left,
a beat, bum, tap, drum
up against the vibrating post
absorbing the smells from the North
and the South –
bidding my fair lady a good-bye

nice to know you
I’ve got other things to do
you can call me Fitz
as my trail of smoldering smoke,
seeps into her psyche –
it’s too late she already,
loves me
clinging to my toe hairs;
as if I was some sort of catch

I fling East and West,
the Sunrise on the back of my neck –
prickles of goosebumps,
try to hold me back –
too late! I’m out of there,
tripping into a distant street,
called Outer Richmond

it’s a good thing,
because I do not want ‘nothing,
not a thing –
to do with somethin’ called inner
I skirt into a back alley,
telling the old cats to call me Frank
a slight head bow all cordial like
I haven’t the time to listen,
or talk about their jazz –
I’m a busy man, you know

most people call me by my second name anyhow,
Holden, don’t take kindly to that name much –
“Say, Hold what cha’ holden’ onto?”
HA! Yeah, that’s a real gas,
guzzling up the laughs,
I’ll stick with Mac some days,
truth be told(?)
I can’t rightfully recall,
my real name these days –
more or less I stick
with back alley’s
traveling into gravel roads –
stickin’ in the middle;
that fork in the road

leavin’ my name in limbo,
along with my soul,
it’s traveling with the shadow thoughts,
of the auburn haired girl,
the one who believed,
my toe hairs were made of gold,
that Fitz was some sort of catch –
I never knew him


Participating in OpenLinkNight hosted by Joseph Hesch. This is inspired mostly by road signs I have seen this week and some book characters I love – I find names intriguing. Sorry, folks it has been a rough day. I will have to make my rounds tomorrow … looking forward to reading what you have shared!


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15 Responses to Isolation of a Chameleon

  1. Mary says:

    I really enjoyed your ‘play’ with names and appreciated the unique subject matter of your poem. I agree that names are interesting…and we sure do think of a person named “Fitz” differently than a “Fitzgerald.” I do think parents need to do a lot of thinking when name someone. Sometimes I think children live up to their name.

    • So glad you enjoyed Mary! This was a fun tale that spun through my head. I think names have a lot of meaning. My kid’s names all have specific meanings that are of the positive nature. I agree, I think children can live up to their names … not that we are “stuck” with what the meanings are, but I think it can have some sort of impact – positive or negative.

  2. brian miller says:

    get some rest tonight…def know a few long days…ha…i like your play with names and roadsigns….have to wonder at being willing to go by whatever in the moment….names carry much power….and can be a curse as well…

    • Thank you Brian, I tried to get some rest and it turned out I needed more than one day! This was a lot of fun to write and it had a beat to it that I haven’t experienced with my words before. I have felt it through reading others so that was a cool experience for me. I hope it happens again.

  3. annotating60 says:

    This was fantastic. I loved it even better the third time through aloud. it has a beat to it that steps out of time but that’s part of it. Really a great write but an even better read. >KB

  4. Most inventive – very literary – I think you should carry on with a series of poems employing the importance of being (Hemingway), the expeditions of a dude named Homer, the adventures of Sam (uel Clements) etc. I am not quite sure how many Becky Thatchers, though, are out there to hang on your sliver of a golden moon!

  5. cloudfactor5 says:

    These road signs and book characters you utilized and wove together swept me right up in your poetic travels !!

  6. Julie Dant says:

    While I am flattered that you chose my “Gravel Road to Somewhere” to accompany your very nice poem, I would expect a short acknowledgement of credit with my name as the photographer somewhere on your page. I trust you will understand as you are an artist yourself, and would not like to see one of your poems up on my website without your name given as the author. I will return to your site soon.
    Thank you,
    Julie Dant

    • I apologize, I had linked to it and and did not think of putting your name under the image. Thank you for telling me and being so kind in your comment. I have added your title and name to the image.

    • Julie Riker Dant says:

      Thank you, very kindly, for crediting me on my photograph, and doing so so promptly. Now I know you are a kind and honorable person. 😉 Love your writing, and very happy and honored to have my work graced with your words! . 😉

      • I am so glad that you understood. It was a great reminder for me to place the artist’s credit when I post images. I remember to link, but have forgotten to put it in the actual image – this will help me to remember. Thank you and many thanks for your kind words! 🙂

      • Julie Riker Dant says:

        You are very welcome! 😉

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