State of Mad Men

State of Mad Men 

in a state of Mad Men –
open up their quality pen,
manipulative soapsuds,
cleaning out our tastebuds

we suck on cigarette butts –
lick them like candy,
oh! so sweet our smoke of death,
our minds and lives we lay to rest;
in the the strokes of Mad Men,
and all their highly qualified friends

the greatest tragedy is indifference,
society declaring I am what I am!
I am loving it!, we clamour
as we follow the lead of all our Kings
raiding our labels, our washing machines

commercialized eyelashes,
and our mirrors are photoshopped;cropped,
blemish free just like the TV
our eyes caked with smoke screens of Mad Men –
don’t forget the Ladies!

nothing is impossible,
doing all we want with effortless thought,
believing we are saving humanity –
striving for equality,

we swallow all our swimming pools,
neighbors weep, sit and drool,
splatter our means on picturesque scenes,
clapping our hands at such individuality,
just as all the Mad Men’s slogans said,
it should be –
a ruse bought for centuries …


Whoosh! That came out of me in a frenzy. The prompt that Brian at dVerse gave was slogans. I was not sure if I was going to be able to pull out the creativity for this one. It was so cool! (I know, I just said, so cool.) I wanted to try.

Since around May I took on the love interest of the show Mad Men, when I read the post from Brian my mind flashed with all the character’s ruses that they have displaced throughout the show. I went with it and this is what came out. There were several influences that went into this.

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13 Responses to State of Mad Men

  1. I love it I totally got caught up in it! xo

  2. claudia says:

    ha smiles… i don’t know the show but swallowing all the swimming pools makes me wonder what they’re doing…smiles… ugh on the sucking on cigarette butts…i’m sure glad that i quit smoking some years ago already..

    • ha ha ha I find the show to be slow at times, (sometimes boring) but I get into the way they splice history into it and how they manipulate for “good” advertising.

      That makes me go into research mode about things in history and I find that entertaining. I quit smoking some years ago too. They smoke so much in the show that it feels like I am too!

  3. brian miller says:

    licking the cigarette butts….yum….think i might go toss my cookies now….smiles….we are def in the throes of madmen….i love the red cross slogan on indifference….cool blend…i need to check that show out some time…

    • Thank you Brian! Every time I watch the show I can smell the smoke. I see the filled ashtrays and it reminds me of the times when I was a young smokin’ coolster – my ashtrays overflowing with butts – the smell was awful. That is what I thought of with the licking butts, blah!

  4. Reminds me of a song in Swedish… much less sinister… but basically claiming that everything can sell with ads… even preserved porridge.

  5. sheesh. so many great images. “licking cigarettes like candy” “commercial eyelashes”….”photoshopped and cropped mirror reflections”….I love your mind!!!

  6. bostonpoetry says:

    Great pace in this one, and I’m surprised nobody else (that I saw anyway) used Mad Men in their writings… that’s a great reference and nice inspiration.

    • Thank you! I thought someone would jump on Mad Men too so I decided not to read anymore ( I read one) before I wrote mine. I thought that I may lose my inspiration if I saw that someone else was inspired it too.

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