Mr. Man & Lovely (Repost)

girl swing

Mr. Man & Lovely

Mr. Man, Mr. Man,
you pulled my heart again,
draining all the liquid from my pumping blood –
tremor’ing in and out,
luring springs begin,
Mr. Man, Mr. Man
why, please share;
where have you been?

My Lovely, My Lovely,
pay no attention,
I have been loitering off,
my pleasures, don’t pretend,
I have kept nothing,
left, not at all;
no need to worry,
you know I’ll never call

Mr. Man, Mr. Man;
you tore open my chest,
awoke things hidden,
I had put to rest;
pounded my desires,
deep into the ground,
told all my passions,
it’s unlikely, and profound

My Lovely, My Lovely,
you are much confused,
I did nothing,
your mind is bemused,
I simply came a calling,
silently and stealth,
I had no intentions,
other than,
keeping you on my shelf

Mr. Man, Mr. Man,
you string me along,
say my mind reads into things,
you never meant at all,
sharing so intimately,
to crack open my eyes,
then, left me dangling alone –
losing my pride

My Lovely, My Lovely,
I never promised a thing,
I gave no words,
reciprocating any of your feelings,
I simply, told you this and that,
without possibilities,
now stay up in the sky,
patient and quietly

Mr. Man, Mr. Man,
you’ve shredded my heart again,
leaving the shards dagger’ing,
slicing me within,
I’m teetering from moon to sun,
stretched across your sky,
a kaleidoscopic canvas,
still asking “Why?”

My Lovely, My Lovely,
I’m sorry for your pain,
it was nothing more than,
a manly, playful game,
Oh, I do adore you,
and I always will,
but I never promised,
my love, my life,
maybe a little thrill

Mr. Man, Mr. Man,
I finally understand,
I am an image,
a farce,
a nothing in your plan,
I shall dwell here quietly,
lingering in the sky,
spreading out my love,
as wings, swinging on the

I posted this on my short story/poetry blog a while ago, but I felt like posting it here too. 🙂

About mindretrofit8

Sharing the twistings, and musings that twirl in my mind. Hoping others can relate, or at least enjoy... To know more about me personally you can visit my website at Mind Retrofit.
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17 Responses to Mr. Man & Lovely (Repost)

  1. bert0001 says:

    .. sigh .. seems so many are at the lesser of receiving ends considering love.

    • It does seem that way Bert, but I think at times it is supposed to be that way – it can produce amazing creations! (I am not saying that my poem is amazing, I am just recalling all of the artists who suffer because of love and produce brilliant art. :-))

  2. I’m going to leave my desk and go have a cigarette. All work and no play makes Jack….. “i like feeling you like this. Grown up. Getting a taste of your own medicine.” Rebel without a cause.

    • Hello there!

      I am not quite sure I understand your comment, though I do get your “shining” reference. 🙂

      I think “karma” may be at play in the twistings of your words.

      We dance on the brink of sorrow and pleasure, while resonate between what if’s and never were’s. How questions of why leap and spring among the clouds of faulty expectations and hopes that one must desperately cling to at times to keep walking the tight rope unfolding before us. Pain and joy ~ Laughter and tears we dance, but not with an ax!

      Now I am just being silly. 🙂

  3. well i guess i’ll say it then, this poem is amazing.
    so much emotional intelligence, so perfectly written.
    words offered to us ‘on the wings’ of angels, ty…*smiling*

  4. Rob Taylor says:

    Humanity and the latent potential of our existence…..waiting for us…..but, we never commit to the complete dance….

  5. Powerful ending to the poem. I really like the image of spreading out love.

  6. The love of art that one produces is genius
    The love of genius that one produces is art.

    You have created something so beyond the heart and the universe. 🙂

    I’m back! 🙂 yay!!! Say, I just posted my new (Flarf-Poem) up. Check it out. 🙂

    • NIce to come across you Charliezero1; I visited your blog; it seems we might be from the same planet… 🙂 Or at least somewhere about in that vicinity…

      I look forward to reading you new ideas.. I want to hear something new…

      And to conserve space Mind Retrofit; I can’t thank you enough again for this poem.. It is inspiring.. in an epic kind of way…62,000 characters and spaces plus… A Hurricane of words…one might say…

      • Thank you I forgot my name… or it keeps changing…! ha ha ha I found that humorous.

        Charlie is a grand fabulous alien friend who shares insightful and thought-provoking reads. Not for the weak-hearted one needs an open mind to enjoy the penetrations of words he spreads into the universe. I think you may enjoy his words and thoughts very much.

    • Thank you Charlie! To infinity and beyond! Oh, wait … 🙂 I have enjoyed your last two flarfs, but my mind is still a bit woozy from my vertigo so I am not that great at commenting yet. 🙂

  7. louiville says:

    I love the play between the sexes. Quite reminiscent of that needing you feel that makes you see what you wish to believe to soothe your own soul. The harsh reality when it is unmasked leaves you saying ‘why’! A beautiful piece of writing.

    • Thank you louiville! I had fun with this one, it actually came to me in the shower in a whim of rhyme and fantasy. I have a strange adoration for the why and the fact that some why’s will never be answered. The harsh reality is painful at times, but it also can leave the door open for imaginations of pretending one day they will come. Although now that I think about what I am typing I could reason that my head is just still too dizzy from vertigo and I am not making any sense. Lol!

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