Hope & Its Journey


Hope & Its Journey 

a goal,
fill with hate?
i speculate –

too easy,
a simple way to be,
a lackluster mirror –
despising all you see,
do i hate, you? 

i refuse that crime>
<hostility, igniting one’s own death>
hatred, a vile way of living,
spewing emptiness –
i choose

i belong to,
not love; no –
i belong to Peace,
there is a Prince known by that name;
so i am told,

you, have not created any hate within me
it’s too easy, simple
nothing as the complexity of Love,
but i do not speak of Love,

no longer does Faith fill my veins,
Hope is a wish in the breeze of geese,
honking to find their home;
a dream of Peace,

i will not abhor,
a single cell of you –
nor, will i forgive until …
is there any need,

{that is}
must one forgive,
to be set free –
explain forgiveness anyway!
i have set myself free,
from you;
and your odium fused being
[i have chosen]

hatred fades,
forgiveness is swallowed;
captured in the wine skins of Heaven,
and Faith builds into something new,
as Hope leads the way,
Peace spreads wings –
across the mouths of the Broken


<our Confessions; fleets rushing,
across new Dawns,
cargo? reckless Healing,
splashing into the sea,
diving to save souls,
{and our own}
slowly drowning,
clawing at shimmers of Light,
cascading on the surface –
Hope crashes tidal waves,
revealing, there is Life –
even in the midst of Death>


About mindretrofit8

Sharing the twistings, and musings that twirl in my mind. Hoping others can relate, or at least enjoy... To know more about me personally you can visit my website at Mind Retrofit.
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10 Responses to Hope & Its Journey

  1. 11 says:

    As above is below…

    The reflection of a Hawk
    Atop a cross..

    Standing! on the Feat! of Peace…

  2. Just note oh so cool1! watched the video again and saw my Hurricane friend Andrew; I can’t forget the Katrina… who takes care of me with that huge overlooking eye of love and kindness too.. Hurricane Frederick came along when my first Girlfriend broke up with me…,

    Hurricane Katrina was here when I battled along side toe to toe with a Female Captain of a Military Installation; the only person I have ever come across in my life with energy as strong as stronger than me.. We made that Hurricane; I know we did…at least in part; PASSION!11 is powerful… or PASS E Y E ON or just pOSitive iON.. LIght me up I am alive…

    • You know I slept through Hurricane Andrew. I was there right in the thick of it, but my body shut down and went to sleep. 🙂 I have been through several hurricanes they are amazing and terrifying all at once.

  3. Thank you KATiE MiA for comments, however, they are starting to take up a lot of space on my blog and I may not have enough space for my images and such. I am going to remove some of them, but not because I am upset or anything. I wanted to you to know that before I did it. Could you keep posting the videos and links to my facebook page instead? Thank you so much!

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