Queen! {pawn} (Repost)

I am sharing a short poem’ish story, that I posted on my other blog. I was reminded of it earlier this morning so I thought I would share it here. 🙂 (UnpeggingRetro)


Black-and-white squares glared through my pupils, pretending that I was wearing a crown. Lights bounced their reflection meticulously around my head –
halo hovering slightly above, just enough to give such impressions.

dJlAKYImpressions, that I may be allowed to move, as if I were Queen. Such a haphazard to dispel a truth; why of course, I AM Queen. (Of hollow)

I walk back and forth freely, diagonally if I may wish – without any disruption, unless! I walk slightly out of my square. Am I with or without color today? It will depend upon the King’s mood, for it changes with a whoosh; the slightest of inconvenience.

Hush! We dare not speak, nor tell of such things; the rooks like to use me. They push me this way and that to save themselves, the King revels in their flattery. As much as when I pour out my laudations. I give my praise – still it is never enough, the King adores and abhors both left and right, carving out jagged little aggressors coated in smiles; my way.

“Oh, aren’t you the fabulous Queen, too bad you have such a time with your moves; but I know you will be perfectly fine … well once, you get everything fixed. Your color seems a bit gray today. No, you look quite fine, I do not pay much mind to looks anyway. You need not worry. Are you sure you moved to the left? Yes, yes, indeed you did, you did. Um … why I am only helping to remind you love, your memory does fail you sometimes. Rather, I mean you have an excellent memory it was only that one time, and the other when you slipped diagonally and you meant to go left. Remember? Or maybe it was right, you went right and you were supposed to move forward? No worries, I am sure you will do fine today.” 

jean-francois-dupuis-black-and-white-chess-viThe King has spoken, his charge is full – flashing his words into my skull. An embellished head it is, floating above recourse. The gray jabs at my eyes, what color am I today? Have I already forgotten? King, please tell my what color am I today? 

“Why I only told you moments ago, do you not recall?  I will adorn in black.” 

But King, didn’t you say something of gray? Wasn’t I white today?

“Dear, Queen, your memory fails -such a shame; you used to be so quick footed and witty. It must be your age. And you do look fine for your age.” 

Colossal, what is the next move, I cannot recall my wits about me at all. I dare not ask my next move -stand still, Ms. Hollow… Ms. Hollow, it echoes of something; not right. I was, but a fair maiden dancing in the light of life. Now a gray Ms. Hollow whispers as my only name. I do not know that name at all, foreign – forged. A counterfeit, shaped and hammered into such a statuesque Queen.

The very mirror of such eyes that pretends to see gray; all the while basking in black-and-white, hiding in the shadows. Call me your pretty, your lovely as long as Ms. Hollow does not step out-of-bounds. Tear me into pieces, grinning through your teeth, draining the blood from my veins – I’ve been replaced with soot and ash.

Why has my mold chipped, flaked; revealing some far off remembrance of color? Must my eyes become unveiled? My King, takes pleasure in my pain – becomes rejuvenated by contorting my brain? Delights in my death; I see very clearly … he would rather watch me decay into shriveled pieces to stroke his own ideals, believe in his fantasies, keep me locked down in invisible chains because it makes him feel good-revived-ALIVE!

jean-francois-dupuis-abstract-chess-iI am no Queen – I am nothing more than a meaningless pawn. At least, I finally know where I stand.

Do I look gray today? Why no, I am rather white and sparkly with a speckle of yellowish hue, call me Ms. Hollow … For I shall play for my King’s amusement.

Who shall be checked, mate?

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Sharing the twistings, and musings that twirl in my mind. Hoping others can relate, or at least enjoy... To know more about me personally you can visit my website at Mind Retrofit.
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