The Mating Ritual


The Mating Ritual

She sang …

Oh, lover, my love!
I beckon you my dear,
Sweet Dove
Place your kindness deep in me –
Allow me to have eternity

He cackled …

No, my heart is called
I am marked by another,
My Sweet Dove
I have been preened by a perfect bill;
No other will do,
I love her still

She cooed …

I am introduced here;
for your taking
We could last,
make our own marking
Must you?
Must you handsome Dove,
deny all that I’ve got?
All my whole love?

He upslurred …

Haven’t I been loud enough with my cooing?
Bowing and pecking,
constantly shooing?
Why are you here?
Leave me fair bird!
My love is tainted, kept, assured!
My maniacal cackling won’t make you stray?
Find another, please go play!
I will bite and poke and screech,
leave me fair dove let me be

She billowed …

I will not go,
this won’t last long
I will wait you out,
your will isn’t that strong
It will go –
pass away
But wait … wait!
What do I hear?
My Old Love draws me near?
Oh, hear the sound of that beautiful call
I will go and leave you after all!

He whimpered a whistle …

What, you will leave me?
But I am alone,
I just got used to you sitting next to my throne,
Come back, come back Dainty Dear!
I will show them all around here,
your glorious feathers,
your vibrant stare,
Then, I will block you out of sight!
Never shall they have you,
you are mine

She sang …

But I hear the coo, the call of my Lost Love,
I must find him, there is no other dove

He chirped harmoniously …

Oh, hear the wondrous sound,
my own Bemused Love,
has now been found!
Go, go find your old mate,
I will swim in the magnificent fate,
There she is; my Bewitching Dove!
She is with another, I am done

She tweeted in crescendo …

I see mine!
He is so rich and fair,
Alluring, reaching I am in his snare –
But wait! No!
What do I see?
He has found another and replaced me …

They downslurred …

We sit and wait on our perch,
changing colors to end our search –
So we preen, then one another,
neck and face, we touch each other

He sadly sang …

My Dear New Dove, I bend low,
cooing and rasping, my wings flick so;
All for you my New Dove,
seeking attention for some love …

She mournfully chirped …

I see you Dove, you will do,
I’ll nibble your bill, feeding, we’ll play
Pause and preen, feed a bit,
nibble and fix our feathers make us fit

They whistled in unison of heartbreak strophe

And still they hear…
the call of their past lovers,
gone away, left them to fall –
In and out, mate to mate,
the tale of cruelty, their constant fate

{This is one of my older poems that I shared on my short story/other poems blog Unpegging Retro. I am going over some of my older writings, just because. 🙂 } 

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Sharing the twistings, and musings that twirl in my mind. Hoping others can relate, or at least enjoy... To know more about me personally you can visit my website at Mind Retrofit.
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4 Responses to The Mating Ritual

  1. words4jp says:

    i feel like i am one of these doves……

  2. stevehi says:

    You have described the Dove’s behavior well. There are a couple of pairs that nest near my house and they behave much as you describe. I enjoyed reading this. Thank you

    • Hi Steve! That is great to hear, I hoped I captured the behavior. I had only read a little about the “mourning” dove. While I read about it though I had this poem flood as a visual through my mind. (tied into emotional movements) I have a couple that live in my backyard now, but I have only witnessed them eating and taking baths. 🙂

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