Rendezvous With Planets


Rendezvous With Planets 

Pluto cried for lack of visit,
(and {for} no longer being validated)
Neptune, enticed me by using numbers,
to drift through a seaward tale,
my heart had skipped right passed Uranus –
I found him too complex and cold

Venus, I completely ignored,
I had enough of her dribble,
spewing of her plaguing love,
her glamour,{enticing sensual promises}
how she would bloat me with,
fertility and prosperity
I found her a bit self-indulgent;

rolling my form over to Saturn,
I stared in quizzical thought –
as an honorable hymn sang,(in A cappella,)
its spokes surprised me;
electron beams pulling,
bending and kinking
’twas enough of him; I said,
but his magnetic field almost kept me
luckily, I leaped away
springing off Titan

then, who beckoned with cocksure winks?
none other than, fine Jupiter;
hovering a spot, full of whatnot
he brashly said, “Call me Jove.”
I declined with a flip of my big right toe;
he continued on with the conversation,
and I? I, giggled as my belly filled with thunder,
his sky gaseously tickled my feet,
I could not help but be taken in –
his noticeable bulge I found quite intriguing;
(just hanging out around his equator)

hearing a familiar sound,
I nonchalantly looked over –
Earth, I had no time for,
I found it quite a bore;
then, I felt lugubrious about the whole affair –
I told him it was not him, but me
we promised to have tea one day;
I did not have the heart to tell him,
[I do not drink tea and I wished he were a god]

brazing off to see Mercury,
he hardly found a moment for me,
being so laden with popularity,
reminding me of the moon,
as well as being such a fixed star,
I wanted to share in some poetic eloquence,
have divine moments;
being rather erratic with one another,
but no, oh no!

I heard the call –
a dreamer’s delight,
a grand catch from that hedonistic Venus!
a strong, valiant who could re-interpret,
his whole identity; Mars,
hiding treasures within each canyon,
under the surface,
keeping secret his past;
I shimmied in close, with a coy little grin,
allow me to rub your craters,
explode between your volcanoes,
dance in your valleys,
burn upon your deserts,
and skate onto your polar ice caps

{my heart, belongs to Mars,
his heart belongs to Venus}

About mindretrofit8

Sharing the twistings, and musings that twirl in my mind. Hoping others can relate, or at least enjoy... To know more about me personally you can visit my website at Mind Retrofit.
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16 Responses to Rendezvous With Planets

  1. rbhexem says:

    Astronomical madness

  2. prewitt1970 says:

    Poor Pluto how Mickey and I miss him so, and mars in love with Venus it’s always been so written in the starts they say fair ms.
    Lovely words as always. I’m afraid Titan has me in his grip for alas I slumber.

  3. Lovely! What a great play with the planets and energy. Thanks for sharing this planetary journey- part about Jupiter had me smiling:)

  4. Cat Forsley says:

    really beautiful 🙂

  5. melanietoulouse says:

    magnifique… 🙂

  6. Astonishing astrological assemblage of players brought together nicely in a powerful performance.
    Wow! recommended reading

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