leaking dribble,
severing straight;
into a cavern of scorn
black-and-white smiles
rage, against gray matter
neurons wrestle –
pull up lost thoughts,
retitle tall-tale exploitations
rename those nouns!
verbs, adjectives,
only crusted outer layers;
wickedness DOES NOT,
consume the vulnerable –
it only delays for a little while…

a small portion of lost;
to be found,
escaped to be reclaimed,
AND remained;
under the distress –
unsympathetic eyes,
whipping lips,
but the season of regret,
shall never enter;
such willingness, too weak –
an unempathetic soul,
who refuses anything(other than self)
the world will all play along;
while you dance in your fabrications –
behind your back, heads shake,
and mouths smile
none fall for the bemusement
all is tucked away,
safely from the beguile –
while it tries to destroy,
the treasures of lovely hearts –
unafraid to emerge,
despite such vile acts
{to prove beauty exists)


About mindretrofit8

Sharing the twistings, and musings that twirl in my mind. Hoping others can relate, or at least enjoy... To know more about me personally you can visit my website at Mind Retrofit.
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  1. Are you famous yet? You should be!! Splendiferiffic!

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