Masterpiece (Repost)


I waited eagerly for him to stroke my face,
he would stare into my eyes, arousing my pigmentation,
filling in the holes with adoration, and kindness.
Lavishing me with attention,
speaking poetic words into my spirit,
“I will meet you at the end of infinity.”

Day after day gliding me with color,
silkening my skin with luscious oils,
glazing my flesh alive,
I knew he loved me, sharing his amour,
through each rhythm of brush.

Our souls locked, his fingers brought me to life,
my legs swooned allegro –
just for him.
Unable to contain my affections,
dancing on the tips of my toes,
rushed in fascination, I would pause –
I could not remember ever feeling this before,
as if I had just been birthed –
vaulted into his presence.

He would smile into my face,
brushing against my legs,
gingerly, delicately
smooth and then, flowing,
leaving me to rest each night.

In the dark, I waited quietly,
expectantly for his return,
his touch to awaken all that was in me,
impatiently wanting to share in an Adagio –
with him, his devotion.

~ We never danced ~

Soon, his visits shortened,
the days lingered into weeks,
when he would come –
gazing into my shaded eyes,
my body peaked, glistened,
but something had changed.

The warmth of his fingers were crisp and hard,
his eyes were solid, passionless,
his movements became scumbling –
rubbing me roughly, blurring my eyes.

After the last course patting,
he gave one final brush stroke,
I did not think he was finished with me,
we had only begun,
but as I stood still for him,
yearning, aching, haunting for his glaze,
he stared deeply into my muddled form,
whispering, “Finished?”

Motionless, heartbroken,
I could do nothing else other than wait,
I was stuck as a statue,
a goddess carved in stone waiting for her god.

There was no sign of my dearest,
who held my heart in his upstrokes,
who feathered my ether like a fan,
the one who awoke the eruptions –
that were plastered in time.

Then, then!
One day my lover peeked,
my soul spread in colorful lines,
I panged; hopeful that he had come,
to affirm his affections for me.

His hands were rough,
the intensity of his grasp,
swirled me into a hardened case,
hammering me, pounding me,
sheltering me into a new home.

I could not breathe,
reflective glares poked my pupils,
a hazy film coated my flesh,
it was stiff and firm,
with languid fingers he turned me,
halting for a moment, a partial smile,
I saw his eyes glimmer for an instant,
caressing my hair and face,
I could not feel him,
he softly said,
“I will meet you at the end of infinity.”

I never saw him again,
he took me to another home,
I was gawked at,
pointy fingernails, tapped at my cage.
I fell into a deep sleep,
not knowing at all what had happened.

Until, until!
One day I looked out to see eyes peering at me,
I hated it!
I wanted to dance away from them all,
but I was trapped!
Locked behind a glass bar,
suffocating, drowning in heat.
I crashed my body against the rectangle,
I raged my feet along the trim,
I cried out in desperation,
my bones creaked and ached,
I was encompassed in gold embellishment.

Entrapped by my seductive creator,
leading me to believe that he adored me,
as much as I did him.
A shape ingrained with words of hope,
that will never be returned.

He left me with a touch,
I will never know again,
he sank into my core,
thoughts of what might have been,
led me to be his muse,
for a short time and then,
locked me in a frame,
a statue and no friend.

And he will, he will!
Come to see me again,
his words ring in spirals,
latched into my hues,
I stand still waiting,
dancing for his words,
“I will meet you at the end of infinity.”

{I published this on my short story blog, but I felt like sharing it here too. It is one of my favorites.}

About mindretrofit8

Sharing the twistings, and musings that twirl in my mind. Hoping others can relate, or at least enjoy... To know more about me personally you can visit my website at Mind Retrofit.
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8 Responses to Masterpiece (Repost)

  1. prewitt1970 says:

    Beautiful, splendid, spellbinding don’t even begin to give this peace the praise it deserves. Captivating and intriguing!!

    • Thank you Benjamin! This one is very special to me for many reasons. I love ballet and ballerina paintings as well so be able to capture a bit of both of those loves through words brings a tingling feeling. 🙂

  2. Marvelous! So glad you re-posted!

  3. This poem centers the core of experimentation with the beautiness of hope and touch.

    You’ve done a magnificent job with constructing such an important poem for earth and life. 🙂

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