{they} did not utter a single adverse word,
not once did they slap me down,
nor did {they} touch me harshly,
or folly my lovely crown.

They looked upon me,
love luster in their blots,
diving into my soul,
awakening what should not.

{they} never ripped me,
either scar upon my flesh,
nor into my brow,
kindness fluxed for a season,
{they} their tender charms –
perplexed me,
caused me such a flush,
how could a human be so excellent,
and not dagger me into parts?

Oh, what a fool I had been,
such naivety; in this shell,
honest eyes were lying,
lips of gold were green,
{they} in there harshness,
were bunny soft at worst,
lapsing all my prickly thorns,
and barb wire bush,
crumbling warnings to dust –
taken in the winds.

No, no, no harm came to me,
nothing of imperial waste,
{they} left no flapping skin,
or bruises on my face,
their sensitiveness blushed me,
filled me with such awe,
how could someone be so pleasing,
yet ravishing my core?

{they} never said a harsh word,
nor spoke any roughage to me,
{they} had empty words I could not see,
their heart was so hardened,
cemented in black angst,
[THEY] simply never looked at me,
never spoke my name,
nor did they answer my voice,
or listen to my cries,
[THEY] quite frankly loved,
but merely walked on by.

{they had no use for me,
their gentle, tender ways,
they did not have the decency,
to tell me what they wanted to say.
their niceness pure evil,
their love was rotten to the core,
neither in silence,
nor in word,
they rippled out no song,
and as they walked away in silence,
my sighs flamed –
aching burns.}

~ feel this blue flame? ~

of tongues, and prick,
piercing flick –
jab this trusting ether once more?
hither, under shelter; squander a dainty damsel,
laugh as you may my Ally(ies) –
poke fun at me,
hinder me no more,
you snakey creature(s),
however, I do love a snake or more,
bed fellows, enemy, hang on tight,
before you tear me,
for I am a gentle angel,
no one should harm anymore,
I will never; fall in the ways you do.

~ feel my blue flamed tongue! ~

About mindretrofit8

Sharing the twistings, and musings that twirl in my mind. Hoping others can relate, or at least enjoy... To know more about me personally you can visit my website at Mind Retrofit.
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2 Responses to Cruel{ally}ty

  1. The little button above doesn’t suffice what I wish to express towards this profound work of yours. It has seeped deep, my dear! Very deep….

    • silentfingers, thank you so much for commenting. This one was hard to let out. I left it in the drafts for a few days. 🙂 It makes it worth “clicking publish” to read this!

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