Flickering Light

A flickering light threaded, pulling on my eyelashes,
tunes of fireflies leading the way,
traveling through cushy, squeezing, lush moss,
covering my bare-feet in cold, comfort,
a trail of enchanting calls, flashing lightening,
I could not tell if the rumbling was from the sky,
or the earth giving way beneath my feet.

Eeriness crept upon me,
and enlightenment crawled my flesh with chills,
falling onto a Giant Sequoia it roared at my touched,
adoring the pleasantness of my fingers,
rolls of laughter plundered me,
digging my fingernails into its bark,
I could not forget him; ever, he did not mind –
after a deep long hug, he said,
“Adoration does come with pain.”

The fireflies gently tugged at my hair,
whisking me to the light,
trails that zigzagged, covered in decay,
crackling sounds of soil and broken twigs,
I looked directly to the hiding sky,
enthralled in life and death that surrounded me,
suddenly taking hold and thrust me to the light,
hurriedly I shadowed behind gigantic trees,
cowering, and peering through shrubbery,
silently peaking upon nature –
wanting to be an invisible observer,
but no, the fireflies would not let me go.

Speaking in my ears, tapping my shoulders,
directing me the whole way,
the frogs croaked in ponds nearby,
their throaty voices in sync,
to my surprise an Oriole sang, leaping on a branch,
he flew away as quickly as he came, leaving musical paths,
walking carefully into the beam, flowers tickled my arms,
Yellow Stars kissed my eyebrows,
while rows of White Bells stroked my cheeks,
and spoke of hidden valleys.

A sweet dainty fawn nudged at my knee,
as I was engulfed with probing clouds,
under the canopy of green fluff,
my smile gulped me,
and I sank into the creatures eyes,
dark and rich, exploring all life,
we were nose to nose, she looked down the way,
then to me again, prancing off to the twinkling footpath.

That was the beginning, when the two paths arose,
I stood at the X of flickering light to the Unknown,
and The Trail of What Had Always Been,
little did I know being hypnotized by fireflies,
would keep trailing down so many roads without marks,
or familiarity, full of fears and triumphs.

Giggles filling my toes,
and delightful bubbles floating from my lips,
along with my heart being scratched and scarred,
but bruises do heal, and scars reveal strength,
trees know this best, and share with me their tales,
celestial stars beat in my frame, and blast open this mind,
every time, I am pulled to the shimmering lights,
darkness cloaks the glittery ways,
but fireflies always flutter a smidgen of light.


About mindretrofit8

Sharing the twistings, and musings that twirl in my mind. Hoping others can relate, or at least enjoy... To know more about me personally you can visit my website at Mind Retrofit.
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2 Responses to Flickering Light

  1. ~Lady Day says:

    An enchantment. Always an enchanting journey in your writing Angel.

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