Lovely Porcelain

Lovely Porcelain

Luminous creature
Tenderly open

Porcelain, waiting to break,
inconsiderable crack,
in her foot –
her base.

Lanky figure,
standing tall,
covered in glaze.

They always stared,
and “ood” and “awed.”
Radiant speech floating off her lips.
Genius and muses spellbound,
lapping up her thoughts,
as they were quenchable liquid.

Illustrating bewilderment,
vexing unseen pools of admirers –
with no utterance.

Soundless admiration,
letting the fragile one hang low.
Smiles and petting –
coating her skin.

A body aching for embrace,
peering from presence of life.
Looking out from her glass box,
speaking words to all who passed.

Mouth moving without verbiage –
with no sound to the onlookers.
Observers adoring her,
loving her wildly.

Her words desperate,
to break the glass.
Coveting daggers to shatter,
scattering into something real.

Cracking before their eyes,
not one stopped to listen –
to her bellowing silence.
All staring happily,
enjoying her.

Body splintering,
smithereens exploding –
they loved to watch her move.
They lived to consume –
something new,
from the porcelain delicacy.

Never rubbing her flesh,
her soul craving to be stroked –
to love her in completion.

Lovely Porcelain
Wasting to dust
Everyone watching
All leaving her –
to her own demise.

The crack slowly crippling…


About mindretrofit8

Sharing the twistings, and musings that twirl in my mind. Hoping others can relate, or at least enjoy... To know more about me personally you can visit my website at Mind Retrofit.
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6 Responses to Lovely Porcelain

  1. David says:

    admiring…yet ignoring..quite a contradiction…amazing

  2. I agree with the D man above; he is my friend and a swell guy you can trust by the way. I have to say amazing poem. I think I feel this way sometimes. Love the way you weave words.

    • Angel says:

      Thank you Sam the Awesomeness Raven flying over here! I am happy to know that I can trust him, you know me the skeptical bird chirping about. Lol! I am kidding. I figured he was, seeing you over on his blog and him on yours for a while now. 🙂

      I was inspired by a range of events, people, and objects, but I didn’t realize how much I connected to it until after it came out. I am glad that it weaved well, and you could relate. I just love to hear things like that! (As long as it’s not in a bad way. :-))

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