Emotional Frenzy

Emotional Frenzy

Dimensions of fractals I hurl in the air,
Expounding adoration – anyone could share?
Scattering brittle skeleton bones,
Penetrating emotions raging in throngs,
Epidermis filled affections oh, they flake –
Tomorrow’s rebirth,
create new for sanity’s sake.

Cannot fathom another being,
Stretching out cords from within deep seams,
Skin peeling off – tissue hit, flare
tearing, scratching unbearable air.
Wrenching injustice,
Gimping stare.

Sewing so deep,
Gentle quiet seep,
Whistly it tingles, a delicate creep.

Dripping scantly,
through hollowed marrow,
it wriggles and flaps wings of sparrows.
Flesh roars,
Glimpse tightly shut-
Sucking in sweet narrow.

Mind is fully, utterly aware
Intense reactions are so unfair.

Mythological worlds rupturing mass,
Draping furl vestibules –
Exposing my crass.

I do not wake these pleasantries,
Let them fall with decaying trees,
Sinking visions,
Mind’s quick to tease.

Falling into a collected pool,
Swimming and writhing
A witches brew
Laugh and mock
Tell tall tales
Catapult reasons to ponder, until still…

I wake
I wonder
I drown
In heap
I clamor
I cradle
I am extinct
There is no reason
To hold any more
I quake
I quiver
I am never sure
Earthquake cracks beneath my feet
Suck me in
I am too deep
Cover and shelter
Dirt covered face
Sucked in ashes
Free this ache
Pandering drama
Inside my head
Leaving my illusions
Wrapped. Scorned. Dead.
In my weakness
Shouting “Arise!”
Greeks told stories
My heart does cry
Tragedy scoop me into your arms
Gather me softly
My wings are torn
Dripping my golden, fragile halo
Wisdom strained – it hangs low
Chamber filled heavens
Pouring blight songs
Heart wakes tired
Seeking where to belong

About mindretrofit8

Sharing the twistings, and musings that twirl in my mind. Hoping others can relate, or at least enjoy... To know more about me personally you can visit my website at Mind Retrofit.
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8 Responses to Emotional Frenzy

  1. seventhvoice says:

    This is amazing work…. Simply brilliant Angel. Thank you.

  2. David says:

    a tour de force…wow simply wow

    • Hi David, Angel is one of my favs.
      Hi Angel, David is one of my favs.
      Bubbles of light to you both!!! 🙂

      • Angel says:

        Hi Sam, you are one of my favorites too.
        Hi David, again.
        Hi Sam, David is indeed another favorite poet as well for me.
        Hi Angel, wait… no do not talk to yourself. Wait you were not supposed to type that. Stop it!

        Bubbles of light all around! 🙂

    • Angel says:

      “Tour de force” such a grand phrase and great compliment! Thank you David!

  3. jmeandme says:

    I wake
    I wonder
    I drown
    In heap
    I clamor
    I cradle
    I am extinct
    There is no reason
    To hold any more
    I quake
    I quiver

    ture feelings~

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