The Loss Of Chidlikeness

The Loss Of Chidlikeness

I will gather the dust of the moon upon on my feet,
unless they become bound by thorny chords,
the fingers that tell me I can’t.

I will wrap myself around the flames of the sun,
unless the voices say I will burn,
gathering me to form ash.

I will channel my gasps to far off lands,
capturing my spirits with rapture of sanguinity,
unless the stories are ripped in shreds,
from my clutch by cold sharp tongues.

I will balloon my wonders to magical inventions,
unless someone scars my strange thoughts,
those who are too confined to wander.

I will walk out on waves from oceans end,
unless I am pulled under,
parents own failures.

I will start a revolution of hope,
unless it is drowned out,
sinking chains of those before me,
who gave up passions for comfortability.

I will rule a nation with bright new dreams,
unless imperfections are seared in my mind,
the words that cover like tattoos.

I will spring into new galaxies or moons,
unless someone convinces me they do not exist,
killing off fantasies of great new plains,
spreading across our skies.

I will explore deep meaningful truths,
digging into wells the cells of life,
unless these desires are made to feel wrong,
eyes peering at my unorthodox ways.

Musing of the imaginations,
ones that are still breathing,
in the marrow of a soul.

No, no.

You see those who have gone before,
the ones who danced on the words of dismay,
who pounced on the foolishness of denial,
who scratched the tattoos off,
and hula-hooped into their destiny,
never let their childlikeness go.

The heart of hope, wonder, and faith,
in many things yet to be discovered,
explored, pondered, revealed,
exhilaration in the not knowing,
hilarity in being wrong,
cheerfulness in stepping out,
showering in freedom,
to never lose their childlike thoughts.

The loss of childlikeness,
the acceptance of conformity,
staleness in reflection,
the death of hope chosen to give up.

It is never lost,
only hidden, forgotten,
convinced that it never existed,
vanished into yesteryear’s,
unless the twinkle arises in the eyes,
while the flames of the sun ignite,
the tree’s roots trip,
the flower’s face sings,
a sparrow lands upon your path,
or the spider sticks you with her web.

Play in the dirt,
sing into the leaves,
explore all the bugs,
laugh at adults!
Skip in the rain,
dance in the snow,
bust into song,
clap with a smile.

Cursors blinking with great rhythm,
beckons the sounds of phones,
humming of co-workers,
the space laughs in your ears,
toe is tapping to a tune no one else hears,
smiles ripple over your face,
today is the day to remember,
the loss of childlikeness.

About mindretrofit8

Sharing the twistings, and musings that twirl in my mind. Hoping others can relate, or at least enjoy... To know more about me personally you can visit my website at Mind Retrofit.
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