Blurred Reality

Blurred Reality

Swarming faces here then gone,
Friends that flash their eyes.
Smoldering smiles,
All big disguise.
Wobbling heads peering out,
Duck lips kiss the screen.
Words of gibberish,
Minxed with fabrication.

Letters flouncing scrabbled inbox,
Hold curses if not routed out.
Hurry Send!
Gather all contacts.
The world will crumble,
The end is near,
The politicians are sneaky,
What of the other fears?
If you send this out now,
All will be well.
It’s a disgrace!
Sign this petition now!
Where does it even go?
The makers of mischief,
Sit back and laugh,
Urban legends easily,
Morph our minds.
Good or bad,
The lesser of two evils,
We play along with doubt.
Just in case…

Fashion shows,
Glammed up peeps,
Hoping to be the next big fad.
Plaster shames in media exchange,
No scruples in sight,
Wanting to singe them with the words,
“This is not the end”
Yesterday rolls to now,
It mixes with future tolds,
Secret lives?
We are now all spies,
Watching the masquerades.

Poor souls set in confusion,
Sucked into strange,
Chaotic frames funnel the mind,
While insecurity driving the force,
Seeking out all fame.
Tomorrow will come,
Damage all there,
No one seems to care.
It comes and goes,
a flash your exposed,
the next day you’re an exotic film.
A book, a site, a YouTube as well,
Create you into an app.
Maybe a game,
A magazine.
What to do next?
Real life show,
Left gazing at the audience of one.

Back to the blinking screen,
Clear, delete, name change,
Make new reputation.
Blurred reality,
All a phase,
Disposable computers our race.
We being replaced,
Every two years,
Throw away fears,
Today my name is Fame.

About mindretrofit8

Sharing the twistings, and musings that twirl in my mind. Hoping others can relate, or at least enjoy... To know more about me personally you can visit my website at Mind Retrofit.
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