Seeking Unity Song

Seeking Unity Song

Looking to the East tears fell
Looking to the West sad face dwelled
Looking to the North body felt cold
Looking to the South still frigid

Rushed with winds from every side
Sand blasting blistering ways
Water consuming hurricanes twisting
Snow melting on the brow

Mixing souls
Earthbound sweats
Humanity stuck together
Glued through technology
Still unable to communicate

Tender words eat away scornful racism
How are we not the same?
Bless us gentle light
Fold us into the ones of peace
Illuminate our ignorance that keeps us separated

Must we continue to cast judgment on every bridge?
We a people, a race, a group
Cultures of different to enhance
Not to tear down
I hurt my own
My own destroys me
Sever fears that control our blindness

I do not want to judge you
Sweet Mercy fall upon us
Those without the eyes to see
The beauty in our humanity
The sacredness of difference
The lovely in our gods
The treasure upon our bountiful breasts
We who can give reflection to the truth of acceptance

Calming Breeze wipe away the disgrace of hate
Comforter of all by which name we know You
Release a peace upon our hearts
Let us speak in collected souls of wanting
Stir up the unity of song, reign in the souls of man and woman
The bond that ties the populations of our blue marble
Tapping into psyche — reaching a hand never thought of before

Swiftly walking into amity
Do we not all long for this unity?
Why can we not find our common ground?
Our love for the broken hand no matter what it looks like
No matter what the crushed believes
The ocean of Maker’s tears has filled the earth
No separation for us

But we are separated
Our beliefs
Our views
Our phobias
We walk in the shadows of the hurting
We dance upon the graves
It makes no sense!

A souls’ cry for the pouring of union
Not like the Tower of Babel
No universal language
Each language mixing
Spinning and cultivating concord
Understanding our sameness
Embracing our differences
Where do we start…
Home front?

About mindretrofit8

Sharing the twistings, and musings that twirl in my mind. Hoping others can relate, or at least enjoy... To know more about me personally you can visit my website at Mind Retrofit.
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