Hope Falters

Hope Falters

Waking to the morning hope,
to see you once again.
I spare my smile for a while,
it creeps back up.

Hope please leave,
you break my heart,
with each morning dew.
Stop your playful ways.

Strange unwavering hope,
will not fall away.
Open chest, pouring out,
my hope still lives.

You’ve marked me hope,
you stung my particles,
I’m coiled.
Wresting with the death of you,
and the rise of each hour.

About mindretrofit8

Sharing the twistings, and musings that twirl in my mind. Hoping others can relate, or at least enjoy... To know more about me personally you can visit my website at Mind Retrofit.
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4 Responses to Hope Falters

  1. alienhippy says:

    This is very deep…I love you my friend.
    Lees. xxx 🙂 xxx

  2. Angel says:

    I am going through a mind sweep. My heart is swelled haven’t made all the connections yet. It is all good though. 🙂
    I love you too!! 🙂

  3. beautifully written 🙂

  4. Angel says:

    Thank you scribblinghermit! 🙂

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