Chime In Waves

Chime In Waves

Ringing in the time,
a ding in festering nigh,
the flick of the glistening eye,
knell, knell a hearts cry.

Sweet in wintery snow fall fluff,
the clang that whizzed by in powder puff.
Gently falling off the lips,
snowflake left a lingering kiss.

Crisp cool air held my hands,
drifted off to far away lands.
Imagination swelled my steep,
rising from my deepened sleep.

Ringing, dinging in my soul,
led me to places to go.
Chimes they rippled dearly sweet,
they rose within my steadfast feet.

Chiming, binging in the sounds,
the darkened night swallowed my frown,
I sank within the midnight glow,
the tolling bell would not let go.

Soaring winds engulfed me,
the striking pings of gentle trees,
as the moon shot down its flare,
the jingle of nighttime blare.

The tunes felt sad, and melancholy,
until the light did strike me.
I waved my feathery fingers to,
the ice-cold chimes that once blew.

Calling distance was the warmth,
tinging, tapping with no scorn.
The waves once felt too cutting to bear,
I found the kindness beneath their stare.

Harmonizing long-lost fight,
gripping donging was no fright.
Chime, chime in the waves,
they took me with them I could not stay.

I flashed upon the snowflake lifts,
each so different I felt my shift.
They twinkled in the darkest cold,
they gave light yet to be told.

Chime, chime in the waves,
I meet you in this cold cascade.
As they roll across this time,
leaving memory dwelling in chime.

Chime, chime reliving waves,
dance, prance in snowflakes,
freezing winds cannot hold,
when the chimes decide to go.

Chime in the waves they sing to me,
lingering delicate melody.


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Sharing the twistings, and musings that twirl in my mind. Hoping others can relate, or at least enjoy... To know more about me personally you can visit my website at Mind Retrofit.
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  1. Reblogged this on MindRetrofit7 and commented:

    Repost from December 2011

  2. Can we keep these snow flakes in 2011?

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