The Elephant

The Elephant

I watched him thump into the room,
no one looked at him at all.
He stood there tall, and coy.
Looking right at me in a sheepish way,
then flicked his tail.
His stance was stately and solid.
A pillar sturdy and unwavering.
I was afraid, but I knew someone,
had to get him out of here.
I walked right up to him,
thinking confrontation was the best way.
He blinked his eyes, I think I heard him sigh with boredom.
I pushed him, and he did not budge.
With this I decided to climb on his back,
I crawled up his wrinkly, tough exterior,
gripping to folds, hoping to annoy,
this impertinent mass.
When I sat on his back,
I looked around,
still no one seemed to know that he was there.
I knew that they saw him,
you cannot miss a gigantic,
power house chomping and stomping.
As he effortlessly tried to shake me off,
I climbed to the top of his head,
pulled at his ear hairs,
attempting to get something to happen.
Peering over trying to speak to him directly in his eyes.
He whipped his ear at me,
and nothing more.
As I crept over losing my balance,
I rolled into a somersault right onto his trunk.
He cradled me, I was quite frightened.
Gently he placed me on the ground,
with a push from his trunk,
he scooted me away.
I marched right back,
this time pulling on him,
grabbing his trunk I heaved,
he hauled it away, then patted my head with it.
My plans foiled,
I got some sweet bananas,
I offered them to him with a look of triumph.
Barely interested in my stance,
he snatched them out of my hand,
beginning to eat.
I said:” Come now little fellow, move along.”
He roared with a loud trumpet.
Surely everyone heard that!
With that I knew,
you cannot bribe an elephant in the room.
Finally, I took the hint,
no one wanted to talk about him,
no one wanted to acknowledge him.
Deciding that I could not get rid of him,
I pet his ridges and deep grooves,
I cried some as I looked at his wise folds,
hidden around his eyes.
He wanted to leave too, but could not,
his grandiose stance started to fade,
revealing his own soft,
tender self under the hard hidden exterior.
We spoke back and forth silently,
acknowledging that we had to do something with the time.
And we waited.
I found some games,
over meaningful conversation and a bit of checkers,
we strategized how we could both be set free,
my knowledge of him, and him being trapped in this small room.
Still we play,
Oh, “Queen me!”
He giggled.

About mindretrofit8

Sharing the twistings, and musings that twirl in my mind. Hoping others can relate, or at least enjoy... To know more about me personally you can visit my website at Mind Retrofit.
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