Losing My Illusions

Losing My Illusions

I saw no other way,
there was no other answer.
I could not see what else to do.

I walked to the end of the spiraling stairs.
They led to the middle of the sea.
My toes hung off of the edge as I dazed out.

I bit my bottom lip,
as I looked across the ocean mass,
nothing to grab hold of.
Only me and the raging waves.

The surge crashed,
pounding calm source.
It called and reached for me.

Nothing else to look to,
only the deep black sea.
The rays bouncing pulling at me.

I had no choice.
There were no other answers,
all I could do was look down.

Tears dripped from my red eyes,
filling the very ocean that beckoned me.
Filling my body, bending my knees,
gripping my fists as tight as I could,
nails digging into my palms as I heaved in angst.
I took several deep breaths,
and with a gust I thrust myself into the open sea.
Ripping my dress as I plummeted down.

I heard a crumbling sound and I looked up,
the stairs collapsed as I drifted.
I flowed as if in a dream,
slowly at rapid speed.

Hammering wind,
gravity yanking my feet.
Splashes cried out as the solid,
twisting stairs fell.

I sobbed, my heart knew I was over.
The brightest of light became too dull.
Too bleak.

As an anchor my body broke through,
hard bitter water smacked my face and limbs.
I sank.
Deeper and deeper.
The water swallowed me.

Lower and lower, losing my breath,
eyes closed out of fear.
I waited, but then I spun.
I kicked and battled,
with the waters that tangled me.

I almost drank in the water.
Sinking for a moment.
My dress heavy a load,
becoming my chain.

I fought it off and twirled around,
seeking light through the shadows.
I heard a sound.
Clicking peace.
Speaking to me words I did not know.
Somehow they were my comfort.

My eyes focused to a gentle face.
One, then two, then three,
and more and more.
Surrounded by the sweet presence of life.

They hugged me in their fins,
I was gone into the soothing currents.
Flowing through the rapid blanket of salty pillows.
Bubbles collecting all of my illusions.
I swam with the dolphins.
The stairs melted into the sea.
When all was done,
I stood on the raging whirlpool,
my dolphins kissed me good-bye.
And I climbed to the stars for a night of poetry.

About mindretrofit8

Sharing the twistings, and musings that twirl in my mind. Hoping others can relate, or at least enjoy... To know more about me personally you can visit my website at Mind Retrofit.
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