11 you keep popping around,
on my clock, throughout town.

11 you seem to be speaking to me,
What is it you have to say, feel free?

11 you know how I feel about odds,
Make yourself even we’ll have no qualms.

1+1 you equal 2,
That is when I am fond of you!

11 you’re so funny, peeping at me.
Showing your face, whimsically.

Ok, ok I’ll let you be,
stay 11 and keep talking to me.

Apparently, there is a lot to you,
You are quite clever a number aren’t you?

11 I guess we will be friends,
you keep me pondering, I find no ends.

11 You sing vibrations in the air,
you make me laugh without a care.

You know my favorite is 10,
But 11 a new friendship we can begin.

So 11 I am rather fond of you,
yes, yes, we’ll have some fun, just us two.


About mindretrofit8

Sharing the twistings, and musings that twirl in my mind. Hoping others can relate, or at least enjoy... To know more about me personally you can visit my website at Mind Retrofit.
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8 Responses to 11

  1. alienhippy says:

    I like the number 12 and the number 3, I really don’t know why though.
    36 and 42 are also cool numbers. Then there is 130, that sticks in my head too!
    I LOVE your poem Angel. You really need to watch that film I told you about.
    It’s one of those “God at the movies” type of films.
    Here is the trailer.
    Love you so much my lovely friend. Lees. xxx 🙂

  2. Angel says:

    Hi Lees!

    I like the number 12 also and as a matter of fact I had it in the poem with 10 but didn’t like the sound. Oooh, 36 and 42 are great numbers. I have a lot of favorites actually. 🙂 For some reason I see myself as a red 5. It’s funny since I like even numbers but 5×2=10 and I love 2 and the color yellow that it is to me and what 5+5 looks like together. I do love counting by 2’s and 5’s so who knows what my brain has connected. Ok, I am stopping now before I get all goofy with numbers. Hee hee

    I do not remember seeing this trailer, I must not have clicked on it or something. It looks very interesting, I kind of teared up a little while watching it. Happy tears. I think I am going to get the book, while I wait for the movie from Netflix. 🙂

    Love you!!

  3. alienhippy says:

    I was just about to switch my computer off and go shopping.
    Then your notification came through. I HAD to respond.
    The 5x table makes SO.MUCH sense it’s my favourite.
    Also the 10x table. Yellow is my favourite colour, I LOVE it!
    I find it SO interesting how we Aspies connect numbers and colours.
    Numbers and colours are somehow safe places to go.
    Love you, must go shopping before Aspie-happy runs down my battery.
    She’s so cool though, just wish she didn’t drain me.
    Love you LOADS and LOADS. Lees. xxx 🙂

  4. Katie Mia says:

    If one looks long at ELeven;
    one can find balance…

    the complete One;

    the most beautiful

    A ll.

    One can find
    TW i l i ght,
    el for God,
    and loVE

    All in One
    of Word.

    One can find

    in sEVeN
    el EVeN
    and LiVE
    in 1 2.

    Oh! how wonderful
    it is
    to relinquish
    a labor
    on the 12 2nd day…

    A Spirit is set free in SKY!1

    Peace is finally here,

    after a mad rush
    to midnight

    after 5 3
    for the


    to the Thirty
    of the 6month
    of the
    13 year of 2-K.

    Thank you;
    another gift;

    A spirit is pure
    as Madonna…

    Finally one
    who speaks
    one’s language…

    Oh! so sorry!

    forgot E!

    for Earth
    as ONE…

    A W i ll
    can be
    or Eleven


    of Thousand
    sings song
    to one
    of Pure Bliss



    just another
    Letter and


  5. Katie Mia says:

    One more thing
    before one goes,

    One ‘must’
    mention Six..

    The video link above is broke,
    but at the end there is a Si6n…

    On the

    at Youtube.

    That said,

    One ‘must’
    a link,

    to this song,

    the ‘Invisible Sun’,

    that starts out
    with an intro of 6…

    just another sign
    of signs, and Science.

  6. Katie Mia says:

    Sorry, one more time…

    This is too cool…

    I have been seeing
    the “God at the Movies”
    phenomenon all my life,

    and never found
    another person
    talk about it,

    until I came here
    and found this link,


    from the comment above…

    People in a ‘creative trance’
    connect with the ‘divine’,

    there is no question in mind…

    I have been in that place
    moving into 123 days,

    at 7/1/13, at 12:29AM,
    in the last comment above.

    Another 22

    for one
    and nine.

    Finally moving out
    of that place

    and 63013.


    I have not
    my mind. 🙂

    at least,

    not yet…

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