Silly My Mind


Circles, swirlys, loopty loops
In my head, chaos abounds,
Waiting for answers,
I hear no sound.

Whispers lurking,
make listening hurt.
Gentle figures twirl around,
they give my mind a happy sound.

They say nothing,
just there to dream.
They open my eyes,
to peace and sweet dreams.

Not much longer,
the chaos will go.
I know it’s a vapor,
here and there, to and fro.

I’ll watch my circles,
swirly’s and loopty loops,
they will calm my mind,
twirling in their troops.


(I am not promoting anything, I just like to watch these animations.)



About mindretrofit8

Sharing the twistings, and musings that twirl in my mind. Hoping others can relate, or at least enjoy... To know more about me personally you can visit my website at Mind Retrofit.
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4 Responses to Silly My Mind

  1. Alienhippy says:

    Hello my friend,
    I love the poem and the videos. They really help switch the loops off don’t they.
    I find it fascinating that we all love looping, spinning, shiny, sparkly things.
    I have this one bouncy ball in my collection that is filled with silver glitter, I love to spin it and watch the glitter swirl around.
    I watch videos of fractal zooms in the Mandle brot set. I think you might like them.
    Love and hugs.
    Lisa. xx 🙂

  2. Hi Lisa!

    Thank you! And thanks for the video, I haven’t watched it yet.
    I really wonder what it is about the looping, spinning, shiny, sparkly things, I haven’t found any information as to why we all seem to like them. Your bouncy ball sounds great! The kids each had one with different colors that I would spin and watch but they seemed to have lost them.

    Also I am reading your posts, but I am just having a hard time commenting lately on a regular basis. It feels so silly, I will comment somewhere and then feel anxious about it then stop commenting all together. I am sure it will pass after this month. I hope. 🙂

    Love and hugs!!

  3. boomiebol says:

    Didn’t watch the videos but I absolutely love this poem 🙂

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