Fitting In

Fitting In

Hand over mouth.
Eyes closed tight.
Deafening my ears.
Blinding my sight.

Cannot speak-Think me insane.
Cannot see-Too much pain.
Cannot hear-Least I fall.
Cannot stop-The masses call.

Aching stomach-Just fit in.
Head spinning-Withstand I sin.
Bitter taste-They spit me out.
Sickening smell-Their zig zag route.

Laughing hyenas closing in,
Open my eyes their games begin.
Ripping and shredding unto death,
I failed their wicked morbid tests.

“You were supposed to be like us!”
I feel their wretched blood lust,
head is about to bust.
“We accept you, but our way is the must!”

Fetal position-Surrounded with fear.
Head hidden-Anxiety here.
Clasping arms-Make it go away.
Rocking back and forth-No words to say.

Staring ahead-Just find my peace.
Emotionless face-Need this all to cease.
Mind racing-It won’t stop.
Eyes glaring-Back to the top.


About mindretrofit8

Sharing the twistings, and musings that twirl in my mind. Hoping others can relate, or at least enjoy... To know more about me personally you can visit my website at Mind Retrofit.
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